Why is there a gap above videos?

Some sites experience a large gap above a video on their sermon pages. Which is really annoying.


When a video is displayed at 100% of the width, naturally the height becomes 150px – a YouTube thing weridly!

Like this screenshot

So Church Admin plugin applies a special trick that makes a 100% video have the correct aspect ratio – the right height no matter what device or width. For technical details of how it works, see this article

BUT. Some themes, not all, some themes apply the same trick, which doesn’t mix and you end up with a ton of white space above the video. Which is ugly!

The simple fix!

From v 3.4.101 you can turn of the white space in the shortcode with nowhite=1 and the block by checking “No white space above the video. That will let your theme do the trick instead so you get great shape videos!