What Three Words

Street addresses often aren’t accurate enough to specify precise locations, such as your church building entrance, where exactly to park and so on. What Three Words split the entire world up into 3m squares and gave each square a 3 word location name. It’s genius and has already been a lifesaver. A local paddleboarder got swept out to sea and thankfully was able to call for help and gave her precise position and was rescued. It’s not just useful for emergencies – our office doesn’t have street parking outside – but there is free parking at the end of a nearby alleyway. It’s hard to explain but simple with a what three words location link – ///jet.snails.dog.

From update v3.6.13 – if you have set up a Google API key you can enable What Three Words too. Google finds the latitude and longitude under the hood and then What Three Words gets the three word location.

There’s a tutorial and video on setting up the Google API key here

You can enable What Three Words in Settings and set the language too.

Hope you find it useful. Download the What Three Words app on your phone too – if you are out and about and there’s an emergency or just want to share your location so friends can find you in a crowd, it is a game changer!