Attracting volunteers

I’ve just added a new volunteering section to the Church Admin Plugin. The idea is that you set a team contact for each of your “ministries” and choose which ministries you are happy for people to volunteer for online. Then you create a shortcode page [church_admin type=”volunteer”]
Logged in church members can then volunteer for ministries. An email gets sent to the ministry team contact, who can get in touch with the volunteer prospect and then they can approve/decline the volunteer.
It’ll be added to the app over the next week or two.

How to use the feature…

1) Go to the Ministries tab and see which ministries have a team contact and whether they are set to allow online volunteering.

2) Edit the ministry to check “online volunteering” and edit the “team contact” who will get the email request.

3) You can edit the message that appears above the form, so people understand what they are doing, That’s under Church Admin>Settings>General Settings

4) Now create a page with the shortcode [church_admin type=”volunteer”]

5) Users who are logged in will see their household and a list of ministries they can volunteer for.
Once submitted an email goes to the team contact (or site admin) who can approve or decline them.