Twilio Incoming Numbers

Twilio is a recent addition to the plugin (v2.7019) as a Bulk SMS service, which allows you to handle replies on your website. First sign up for Twilio with this link which gives you $10 free when you add credit.

You need to purchase a cell number once you have verified yourself using the Buy a Number button on the top right corner

Then you will be able to do a webhook to listen for SMS replies.

Go back to and click on your number

Then scroll down to this section

Where is says “A MESSAGE COMES IN”, make sure the dropdown is “Webhook” and paste in the URL and click Save. That’s it!


The URL is on the Twillio Replies page on your website Church Admin>Communications> Twilio Replies

Setting up Bulk SMS with Twilio

To send SMS with Twillio head to your website Dashboard>Church Admin>Communications>SMS Settings

The SMS sender cell is the number you have just purchased from Twilio in e164 format.

The Twilio SID and token are available from

Twilio SID is the “ACOUNT SID”

Twilio token is the “AUTHOR TOKEN” – click Show to see it.