Rota / Schedule

Building a rota (US – schedule) is a powerful tool in the Church Admin plugin. It can appear on your front end using a shortcode, it’s on the smartphone app and you can automatically email it out or manually send it to participants with a message.

By default, church admin sets up one default service at one site. So if you have more, set services and sites up first.

In the UK the list of people who are involved with a gathering is called a rota, whereas our American cousins elected Trump (which is one of our words for a flatulent outburst) and use the word schedule instead of rota. A schedule in the UK is a timed list of jobs (like 0930 go to the shops, 10am meet Bob…) Hopefully that has cleared up the difference between rota and schedule!

The first task to set up your rotas is to create some jobs

So click on the red link to get to the “Rota Settings Page”

And click on Add a rota job

Which will bring up this screen…

Add your job and check Autocomplete if you would like names to be autocompleted.

Use initials – does that on the shortcode and PDF – always enter full names if you want email functions to work though.

Check which Services that job applies to.

You will then get the list of jobs

To start filling out the rota click on the Rota tab – if you have more than one service set up there will be an option to choose which service.

If you need to add more service dates then click “Set up tasks for the rota” and Add 3 months of dates to rota.

If you click on a table cell (e.g. where it says Click to edit) , you can add people’s names individually.

If you have the same people involved you can use the dropdown menu on a row to copy data over

You can also edit a particular service by clicking Edit

If you put a comma between each name, you can have multiple people on each job.

Click Save.


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