Prayer Requests

The prayer requests custom post type was introduced alongside the Church Admin plugin smartphone app.

From version 1.0963 it’s a public custom post type – which means it is searchable and can be added to your front end.
If you’d like to add Prayer requests to your WordPress menu here’s how!

In the back end dashboard click Appearance>Menus.
If you can’t see Prayer Requests as an option. Click on “Screen options” top right and check Prayer requests.

On the next screen you will see something like the image on the left.
If you expand the Prayer Requests section on the left and then click on View All, you can then check “All Prayer Requests” and then “Add to Menu”. If you then save the menu as normal, “Prayer Requests” Appears. It’ll use your themes Posts template. When you publish a prayer request, everyone in your “Prayer Chain” will get an email and it will appear in the app too. I’m working on push notifications for the app – to let people know.