If you are using the Sermon section of Church Admin, you may know that you get an iTunes compatible podcast feed. People can subscribe to your podcast to listen to episodes (Sermons). iOS users will have their own Podcast app that uses the iTunes feed and Android users mostly use Spotify. So it well worth going through some hoops to get your sermons on those two Podcast providers. Thankfully it is free and not too hard.

To start off with you need to have uploaded some sermons, so that you have some content!

Podcast XML Settings

iTunes and Spotify are pretty fussy about what your Podcast xml feed looks, which is where they get your podcast feed from

Head over to your Church Admin>Media>Podcast Settings and fill out the fields – including the image, which needs to be 1400px square and a JPG or PNG. You won’t be able to fill in the “iTunes Link” yet!

Click on save and then copy (right click and click copy) and browse to your “Podcast RSS File” – which will be shown on the page after saving and on your media page. It should display without any errors.


You will need  a Spotify account to start off with – create a free one at www.spotify.com

Next Go to https://podcasters.spotify.com/, scroll down the page and click on “Claim your podcast”

Then click on Get started on the next page, after logging in…

On the next page paste your podcast rss feed url, which you copied earlier – mine is https://www.thegatewaychurch.info/wp-content/uploads/sermons/podcast.xml

You may need to adjust some things, but it should eventually get you to a screen like this

The nice thing about Spotify is that they will show you stats of how many people have listened to your sermons!

When you are done, open Spotify and search for your podcast. Right click and then click on “Share” and then “Copy Show Link” to grab the link to put in Podcast settings

Go back to Podcast Settings in Church Admin>Media and paste in the Spotify Show Link and click Save.

Now the Spotify Podcast link will show on your sermons page…