Permissions and roles

When you first install the Church Admin plugin, the default is that only users with “administrator” role can access the backend admin area.

Any users created by registering/editing the address list are given a very basic “subscriber” role – they cannot create posts or pages etc and they cannot do anything with Church Admin either!

There are two ways of allowing access to parts of the Church Admin backend,other than administrators.


If you go to Church Admin>Settings> Roles you can set different modules of the plugin to be accessed by different roles (like subscriber, author, contributor, editor, administrator). By default the plugin has these set to administrator (in practice anyone who is allowed to manage_options)
This is easiest and safest!


If you want to grant access to certain parts of the plugin, but not allow people to be able to post, then name based permission is the way to go.
Firstly the people need to have their directory entry tied to their user account.

The head to Church Admin>Settings>Permissions

Type in people’s names for the different items and click save at the bottom.
NOTE: Administrators can always access everything.

If it all goes wrong, then you can check “Delete all user permissions” and click save, to reset back to roles based access.