The church admin plugin is made up of 14 modules, shown as tabs across the top of the screen.


Is the module for editing the people in the plugin
You can also download pdfs, and csv files
Edit Member Types – this is where you can categorise the membership level of a person, e.g. Visitor, Regular Attender, Member
Follow Up funnels – this is where you can set integration tasks for your welcome team to take a fist time visitor through to membership.


Here you can set your children’s ministry age ranges and create a pdf of who is in which group.
Children are automatically sorted by their date of birth or a manual override.


Allows you to setup classes for people to attend


Allows you to manage the small groups system of your church. You’ll need to add a Google Maps API key to show the map of where the groups are.


Allows you to set up your church site(s) and services structure.


Is a fairly new feature for tracking small group life.


Allows you to sync a Mailchimp account and send email/sms from the plugin to who you want to send to.

Rota / Schedule

Is for setting up the rotas within your church for each of your services.


Is your church calendar


Is the calendars for room or equipment bookings


Allows you to set up the various different ministries with in the church and who is in them. Each ministry can be multi-level for oversight.


Is for sermon mp3s and video


There is now an associated smartphone app for your church available – this page is for the various setting alongside that.


Is the setting page of the app

Above the tabs are some buttons

Support is the link to this site support forum.
Refresh DB Backup creates a new database backup.
Download DB Backup is a download link.
Delete DB Backup – deletes the backup off your server.
Auto DB Backup sets up a cron job to do a backup at regular intervals.
Shortcodes shows you all the shortcodes for the plugin.