Menu Items – Prayer Requests & Bible Readings

Are you using acts of courage, prayer requests and/or Bible readings?

If you are you may want them to show up in your site menu. That is quite easy to do! Here’s how

Firstly, on the dashboard of your site click on “Appearance” and the “Menu

Then you will see a screen like this which includes “Prayer Requests” and “Bible Readings“, “Acts of Courage” which are “custom post types”. To create a menu item to show them, you will need to follow these steps.

Firstly click on Appearance> Menu to bring up the menu page.
Then click on “Screen Options” at the top right of the admin screen

Check Prayer Requests and Bible Readings and then you can minimise Screen options.
Prayer Requests and Bible Readings will now show as menu options…

Expand each one and click “View All” and then check “All Prayer Requests” or “All Bible Readings” or “All Acts of Courage” and then “Add to Menu.

You can then drag and drop them to where you want them in yoru menu and then click “Save Menu” over on the right hand side.

Your site will then show all your prayer requests or Bible readings in the same way it would show all your posts, using the same template.

You can make acts of courage and prayer requests only visible to logged in users in Church Admin>Settings>General Settings where you can also add some text to explain how to submit a prayer request!

Hope that helps you use these helpful features of the plugin  more effectively on your church website.