Member Types

Member types is a helpful feature that we use primarily to communicate to different people. Member Type management is found on the People tab.

On first install there are two member types – Mailing List and Member. If you imported contacts by CSV then everyone is in the mailing list member type.

I create some more member types – Visitor and Regular Attender. If someone fills in a welcome postcard and ticks “Keep me in touch”, then part of our follow up process is to send them a “Thanks for coming” postcard and put them on our system as a “Visitor”. If they return and start coming regularly they get moved to “Regular Attender”. Once they have been to a joining day, they get moved to “Member”.

So now we can invite anyone who has every visited to Christmas, Easter and other guest services by sending an email to all the “Visitor” member type.

On the list of member types the order can be dragged and dropped.
You can also bulk move people from one member type to another.

Adding another member type is super simple. Click the Add Member Type button, fill out the form and click Save member type.