Making the most of the address list

The address list is the core feature of the Church Admin plugin – everything else comes out of who and what you have stored there.

The address list is based around “households” – I define a household as family unit based at a single address. I tend to create a new household at an address when a teenager becomes an adult, so they have more control over their data.

A household’s data is its’ address, landline telephone number at its’ geolocation data. If you have a Google Map’s api key set, then an exact map location can be saved – I love that when I’m visiting folks! The Google map api key is not the simplest process, so I have created a tutorial.

Within a household you can store the people that live there. On the settings screen (Church Admin>Settings), you can set some of what is visible – like middle name, nick name or prefix (e.g. van der)

There’s a shortcode that allows people to register or edit their entry – [church_admin_register] do use that! You can more extensively edit people in the back end – adding ministries, small group involvement and so on.

You can show the address list on a post or page using

[church_admin type=”address-list] there are lots of options…

From v1.3900 the default will be that it is only shown to logged in users. You can make it open (which is a really dumb idea and illegal in the EU) by adding loggedin=0.

Adding photo=1 means that any household or individual photos uploaded will be shown.
Adding map=1 means that a map of the household will be shown.
Adding updateable=1 means that a logged in user can edit their own entry.

If you have been entering people – it is really important now that they have a user account for your site at subscriber level. That can be done by clicking “Create User Accounts” on the People tab.

Someone recently asked if personal data was secure or searchable. It is not stored in a way that the WordPress search can find it! And nor can Google if you have made the shortcode pages logged in – that is the default from v1.3900.

The app gives your people easy access to the address list when they login on their phones or tablets. It’s completely FREE for your congregation and only £7.50 or $10 per month for the church – there’s a free month trial for churches too, to give you time to have a play around with it.