Import iCal

If you have been using Google or Apple Calendar, you will be able to import them into Church Admin plugin from version 3.6.33.
It’s a simple menu option in the Calendar section.

Then you are presented with a screen allow you to fill in a ICS website link or upload an ics file. You can choose whether to delete the current calendar or a calendar category, the date range  you want to import and what calendar category to use. The importer will then fill the calendar including and recurring events.

What is an ics?
It’s an agreed standard for exporting calendars.

To import a Google Calendar.

Head to, login and select the calendar you want.

Then click those three dots

Then click on “Export Calendar” to download a ZIpped ICS file

Importing an Apple Calendar File

Open the Calendar App.
Select the calendar you wish ro export.
Click on File>Export>Export…

And then Export it.

You can then import the file in Church Admin