Import Address List CSV

You need to prepare a comma separated values file with the first row as column headers. You can have the standard fields and up to 5 custom columns. The address can be all in one column or spread over 5 columns.

Each person needs to be one row – the plugin will automatically put people with the same address in the same household. You can edit people later on.

Here’s a template CSV for you.

Once you have your CSV file from a spreadsheet program, you can import your address list by selecting “Import CSV” on the People box of the main screen

Check “Overwrite current address details?” if you are wanting to replace what is currently stored.
Click the “Upload” button to upload your file.

On the next screen you will get the opportunity to map the columns to the plugin. Leave as unused any that you can’t match. A few rows of data are shown to help you choose…

Then click save and you are all done.