Household Mailing Labels

I rarely use snail mail anymore for communications as it is so expensive! But this crazy pandemic year we decided to send out Christmas cards with a personal message to all of our families.

I discovered that the mailing labels feature does it by individuals, which is not what I want!

So v2.6925 of Church Admin now has the ability to print out household address labels sorted by your filter choices.

Firstly you need to set up your PDF label settings. Head on over to Church Admin>Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the screen to this…

Most of the world uses the ISO sizes like A4, but for our US friends you can choose “Letter” or “Legal” sizes. Then choose your Avery® label size.

And click Save Settings.

Now you can print your labels. Head over to Church Admin>People>Download CSV/Labels. Use the filter and select Individual or Household Mailing Labels.

The labels will be printed in a Unicode font that handles accents and the household version handles different last names well (some non English languages change word endings by gender and for some of my Indian friends, the wife takes the husbands first name as their last name)

Hope it is useful for you.

Here’s the design of card we are getting printed!