Google Map Changes July 2018

Google made a change yesterday!

Google made a change yesterday (25th June) that fully comes into play on the 16th July. For most of us, Google maps on our websites will still be free but…

You need to put a credit/debit card on your google account that you used to get your Google Maps API key. From the 16th July, you will have to enable billing to continue using the service.

The good news is that, if you do it now you get a $300 credit AND each month you get $200 of the service free anyway. That equates to 28,000 dynamic map loads or 100,000 static map loads – the address list uses static map loads and the small groups and address editing pages use dynamic page loads.

You need to go to the Google Maps API console either as a new user or logged in current user at 

Then click the free trial button at the top! At that point you will need to enter your card details.

The next page will give you all the options in the Google Cloud Platform – I suggest you click on API

And then Credentials on the left hand side. It’s important to lock your api key down to your site only, so you don’t have numpties using it on their sites.

Make sure you have *.YOURDOMAINNAME/* in their – obviously changing YOURDOMAINNAME to… your domain name. And yes people do contact me with issues that haven’t done it!!!

Then you will be good to go and your google maps will be showing on the site again, if you have added the Google Maps API key to Church Admin>Settings>General Settings

Hope that helps!

I’d really appreciate it if you could subscribe to the app to help pay for my time  working on the plugin. It will benefit your church as the congregation can keep up to date with the calendar, media, rotas/schedules and look up  the address list. It’s free for your congregation to use and just £7.50 per month or $10 per month after a FREE month trial.