Google Map API

You’ll need a google maps api key for the map to display on your website. Don’t worry, you won’t need to do any coding! Firstly create a account

Then navigate to and log in

Click on the Google Maps Javascript API link, which brings you to this screen.

Click on the Get a key link, which will bring up a modal window.

Copy the API key onto your clipboard.

If you go over Google’s generous limits (25,000 per day) you will get charged, so it is important to restrict your API key to just your site, so it doesn’t get nicked and used by someone else.

Click on the API Console link, which will get you to this screen once you have chosen your project.

Set the key restriction to http referrers and then add your website address with wildcards(*). This site would be **. I also add another on localhost/* so I can play with my install on my home server!

The final step is to enter into your website’s settings screen.

Click on the Settings tab on the Church Admin Plugin menu screen.

Click to toggle the General Settings link

Paste the key (did you know CTRL V is a keyboard shortcut for pasting on Windows and Macs?) You are then good to go!