Custom Fields

Some users want more form fields for people and households than are baked in already. That is where the custom fields feature comes in (updated from v3.4.94).

You can view and add custom fields in the People section of the main menu

The screen initially looks like this.

Click on “Add a custom field” to get started.

Firstly give your custom field a name like “Transport Required”

There are three types of custom field

  • Yes/No




Radio buttons

Select doprdown

When you can choose where the custom field applies – to individual people or a household.

A Text custom field allows for a default value

Apply to everyone – gives all people/households that initial value.

Show on address list allows you to make it viewable on an address list page or not.

If you are editing a custom field – changing from people to household will be seamless because the household id is already stored. But changing from a household to people (unless it used to be people) will cause an issue as it won’t know which person in the household data should be applied too.