Creating user accounts

User accounts on your website for your congregation are useful. A subsvcriber level account will allow the user to access a page with any of the shortcodes/blocks that show personal data like address list, or schedule.

If you are using the register shortcode/block they can also edit their own household details (that shortcode/block can be locks to not allow new registrations if you wish).

You can also use Church Admin permissions to give selective permission to allow certain back end Church Admins as you wish.

Before you start

It is worth adjusting the email template for a new user. This can be done in the Automations module

Create an individual user

You can do this by searching for them in the back end. If they have an email address and GDPR reason set a link will show to “create user account”.

Or at the end of the edit screen there is the option to manually assign a user name or link a current user to the directory entry.

They will be sent an email with details.

Give everyone a user account

Most websites are hosted on a shared server. And most hosting companies restrict how many emails a website can send an hour (typically 100). If your church membership exceeds that – please set up email within the plugin to be queued and sent in batches first. Here’s a how to tutorial. You will need to do that step even if you have setup MailChimp as “transactional” emails (ones that are very individual) are sent using MailChimp.

Once you are confident that your website is sending emails successfully and in batches, creating user accounts for everyone is very simple! In the people module, there is “Create Users” option. Click that…

Check the member types you would like to get a user account.

And click Create users. Job done.

User accounts are vital if you have the Premium version and are using the Our Church app and if you would like users to set their availability to serve on service schedules. If you haven’t already upgraded, you can do so below…

Monthly Subscription
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Annual Subscription
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