Covid-19 Church Service Bookings

As the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown begins to ease and our churches begin start up again physically, many of us are having to limit numbers to maintain social distancing.

To help make that easy, the Church Admin Plugin (from v2.6789) has a service pre-booking module.


A website user will be presented with a screen like this…
prebook church service

The Shortcode is shown on your service list admin page [church_admin type=”service-prebooking” service_id=”1″]

They can book up to five spaces (or less if there are not enough spaces are left) – phone number and email are required in case “track and trace” needs to happen later.

Admins can check the bookings for services and print out a PDF if needed.

To activate the feature, you will need to edit the service and add it to the calendar (or while editing select the calendar event), so the shortcode can find the relevant service dates and times.

In the UK, the government has produced some helpful wording you can use to explain prebooking and how to keep the data.