Child Protection Incident Logging

Records of child protection incidents and “niggling doubts” should be kept and appropriate action taken.

Church Admin Plugin Premium Version has a Child Protection module for recording and updating incidents. The data is held securely and only accessible to members of your Safeguarding Team ministry.

To get started, notice the Child Protection module.

Click the “Child Protection Incidents” Button.

It will let you know which “ministry” is considered to be the Safeguarding team, so please set this or click the link below it to create a Safeguarding team. Inourcase the list of ministries dropdown is not the one we want!

Click the link to create a new ministry… The team contact in this case is considered the “Designated Safeguarding Lead” to use UK terminology who will receive emails of new incidents and a push message for critical incidents.

Head back to the Child Protection Incidents pages and set the team in the dropdown

You can now add incidents, but clicking the button.

The fields should be self-explanatory. “Action taken” is for the safeguarding team to edit what actions have been taken if needed. The open/closed status will show on the table of incidents to enable quick review of current safeguarding cases.

“Urgent push message safeguarding lead” sends a push message to your Safeguarding team contact. This may be useful if immediate action is needed, for instance if it is not considered safe for a child to be allowed home until police have been contacted.

Once saved, the incident screen shows all the incidents (which cannot be deleted as they should be kept!). The incident log shows who has edited the incident log.