Bible Reading Plan

One Sunday last year we did an informal poll to see how many of our congregation were reading the Bible every day. The results were a bit depressing. I don’t know about you, but I’d like everyone engaged in reading the Scriptures every day and talking about what they are getting from the Lord.

So I added a feature to the Church Admin plugin – Bible Readings. It’s a custom post type, so the editing screen looks like a normal WordPress Page/Post, with an input field to put the Bible passage in. It’s on the dashboard menu on the left, or up top under the “New” link

This year we have encouraged the church to join us on the journey of reading the New Testament in a year. We’ve split New Testament into 365 readings, using the BiOY plan. We’ve recruited different people to write some commentary each day, but you could just as easily just publish some questions to think about. Because it is a custom post type, you can schedule the Bible readings to come out every day nice and early – your people can get them in their email inbox first thing. Even better if you have the app, they can get a push notification when it goes outs (so don’t set the scheduled time to early!!!)

Why don’t you set up a Bible reading plan – you could do a 40 day plan, a 365 plan or whatever suits your setting.

So now lots of people in our church are doing Bible reading plan by email or the app and it’s growing.

Why not give it a go? And why not sign up to a free month of the app (which is always free for your church members and just £7.50GBP or $10 per month for the church).
Sign up for £7.50pm (first month free) or $10per month (first month free)