Basic Registration

You can allow website visitors to register (and later edit) themselves with the shortcode [church_admin_register] or the Gutenberg block Church Admin Address List.

Once the page is published – a website user that is not logged in will be presented with the following…

This is so the plugin can establish whether a registration or a login form is to be shown.

There’s basic spam checking – a hidden honeypot field that bots will fill in and get rejected and people whose names are web addresses or spammy words will also get rejected!

Once they have registered the visitor will get a confirmation email. The admin also gets one and can edit or delete the entry. After the visitor have clicked the confirmation email, the admin gets another email and can then create a user account, edit or delete the entry.

If you use MailChimp, the visitor is added to your list when they have confirmed their email address.

If you wish you can not show the gender, custom and date of birth for fields by adding exclude=”gender,custom,date_of_birth” to the shortcode [church_admin_register exclude="gender,custom,date_of_birth"] – use the shortcode generator in Church Admin Settings to customise this easily.

A user who logs in will see a household form where they can edit the various people in the household and address details.

Here you can add some form fields to the edit person form allow=”ministries,groups” – they will only be shown when a logged in user edit themselves not when they register to keep it simple!