Attendance Tracking

The attendance tracking section is found under the Services tab on the Church Admin Plugin screen.

Once you have some data stored a graph will show.

Attendance data can be entered one of two ways

1) Using the Add Service Attendance button, which brings up this screen..

On saving you get the list again…

2) The other method of entering attendance data is using the Individual attendance link, which gives a tickbox for all your address list!

What is Rolling Average?

A rolling average is a useful measuring tool for church attendance. Each time you enter the attendance for a service, the average of the last 12 months is also saved. What that does is smooth out seasonal variations like the August holiday season, so you get a smooth curve rather than the jagged ups and downs of holiday seasons. It shows whether you are actually growing or not! I love the one above – our church was started in Sept 2007, grew fairly quickly, then halved but then grew quickly again with new converts through to 2016. If only it could carry on growing exponentially!