Address List Registration

The Church Admin Plugin takes personal data security seriously. You have the option to allow people to register/edit themselves on your church website by using the [church_admin_register] shortcode or gutenberg block on a page of your site.

By default, people are not shown on the address and not issued with a user account immediately (v2.72120)

Registration Process

When a website visitor accesses a page with the [church_admin_register] shortcode or block they are first asked for their email address.

On clicking Next they are presented with the registration form or a login form if the email address is recognised.

You can also opt to receive an admin email every time a visitor registers/edits their entry by adding admin_email=TRUE

The visitor has various privacy options they can choose.

Basic spam protection is done with this field that bots won’t see

Once they have registered they will receive a confirmation email asking them to confirm their email address.

If you have set admin_email=TRUE in the shortcode, at this stage the site admin email address will receive an email informing of the new registration/edit with a link to that household.

If you look at this newly registered household before they have confirmed their email, the privacy detail looks a bit like this.

When the visitor clicks in their email, they will be taken to the site and will see this (with your Church name!)

The household display screen privacy section will now look like this

You can then create a user account, edit or delete the household as required.

If you are happy for a new registration to automatically get a subscriber level user account when they have confirmed their email. Then you can change the default setting in Church Admin>Settings – uncheck the form field!

A much simpler registration form is shown on the app to app visitors, but the same email confirmation and admin moderation process is used