Adding app links to an app page

If you use standard website link tags in the app, it will take the user out of the app to a browser page.

Internal linking in the app is done by adding “action” to the class of an item and a data-tab to tell the app what page

So you can create buttons easily – this one creates a button for the address list. You can addd red, blue or green to the class for colour!

<button class="action" data-tab="address">Address</button>

Image links in the app

You can add an image to an app content page with an app link in it.

Links in the app are not the same as on a website – if you add a website style link, the app user will be taken out of the app to their device browser.

The magic you need to link to an app page is to add

class=”action” which will tell the app to take some action when clicked. And…

data-tab=”address” – where the app needs to go, in this case the address list.

Here is a walkthrough.

Add the image, using the image block, then click on the three dots and “Edit as HTML”

To start off it will look a bit like this.

Add “action” to class=” and also data-tab=”address” after <img , so it looks like this.

And click Update top right corner. Now your image has become a clickable app link.

Here are some of the key app page data-tabs

data-tab=”account” goes to the account page which prompts for a login/register if needed

data-tab=”address” – goes to the address list

data-tab=”calendar” goes to the calendar page

data-tab=”delete-me” – deletes the logged in user completely.

data-tab=”my-rota” – goes to the users own church schedule

data-tab=”rota” – goes to the church schedule page on the app.

data-tab=”register” – goes to the register page

data-tab=”classes” – goes to the classes page

data-tab=”my-group” – goes to a logged in user’s group page

data-tab=”my-prayer” – goes to a logged in user’s prayer page

data-tab=”3circles” – goes to the 3 circles gospel animation page.

data-tab=”messages” – goes to the messages page

data-tab=”media” goes to the sermon media page.

data-tab=”news” goes to the blog app page.

data-tab=”bible” goes to the bible readings

and data-tab=”home” goes to theapp home page.