I have created a responsive theme for my church website and am making it available for use by you. It features parallax scrolling sections, customisable header image, members only template, social media icons and an address section with google maps. It’s based on the very popular Bootstrap framework, so there are lots of other features you can use.

Scrolling effect – “Parallax”

The theme features parallax on the front page and any “Parallax” template page. As you scroll up, background images scroll slower giving a very nice effect!
The blocks are created using the “Blocks” feature in the admin area.

Blocks of content with an image above are created using the Blocks feature which has the same layout as a Page/Post editor screen. Setting a featured image creates the parallax image. Use landscape orientation images.

Once you have published the block, you have a shortcode (e.g. [block id=”kids”])for that block to place it on the parallax page/front page.

Members Only template

Pages using this template will show a login form to non-logged in users.

Theme Options

In the footer area, icons appear for social media you are using.

You can also set a google map to appear under your church address. Go to maps.google.com and find your church address. Then click “Share” and then “Embed” – copy just the url part and add it in to make the map appear. There’s also a shortcode to use the map [gateway_google_map]

Header Image

Change the header image in the Admin Menu

Page Gallery

The shortcode [gateway_page_gallery] shows a scrolling gallery of any images attached to that page. You can exclude specified images using their ID.
[gateway_page_gallery exclude=”1,2,3″]


Download the gatewaychurch theme and upload it to your themes in the Appearance section to use.

Please do donate, if you find it useful