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    If I have two adults in a household, but only one has a mobile number then it is not clear from the shortcode listing or PDF directory whose phone number it is. Can I suggest that you find some way of laying out the phone number and email address so that it is clear who it belongs to? Or put an initial next to the email/phone number to make clear which person it belongs to?
    Is this something that can be done with styles and/or templates?
    Many thanks,

    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle

    Not yet, I’ll add it to the todo list!

    Avatar for John_DuffyJohn_Duffy

    Hi Andy,

    Just want to add my voice to support this request! Example : we now have four adults in our household but only two of them have mobile phones registered in the database. It is impossible to know which phone number belongs to who! See attached screen-shot.

    Formatting is always a difficult subject because if you ask 100 people you will get 100 different requirements. As a temporary measure, could you point me to the right .php and possibly .css file so I can have a go myself?


    Moortown Baptist Church


    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle

    I have added first name to mobiles and also changed the format so address detail takes up the left hand third, email and phone the next third and google map if used the last third.
    It’s responsive so they come under each other when screen width is too small.

    That section is not written with a template – too make design tweaks possble without delving into code – perhaps I will get round to it one day!

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    Hi Andy,
    Appreciate very much you looking at this so quickly! :)

    :( Unfortunately the fix is incompatible with something on our site – possible the theme? We are running Thesis 1.6.
    – The search box and page boxes on the directory page are now disabled, as is the PDF link
    – The addresses still display, and I can see the names with the mobile numbers now, but:
    – The first record seems to display OK, but the font on the second record is smaller and then the listing jumps out of the centre pane completely and pushes the components which were in the sidebars down into the background.
    – I’ve attached an image with scribbled out names which may help explain it better.




    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle

    That looked horrible but I think is an easy fix – it needed a } moving in the code. I was closing a div that was only used if you use Google maps on the address list.

    Just uploading it now!

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    Hi Andy,
    Thought it might be something like that. It’s happened to me :(
    Let me say first of all how impressed I am with your fast response on this. It is so much better now.
    I do still have a couple of minor issues but will document those after breakfast!!
    Many thanks

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    Hi Andy,

    Further to my previous post… See attached screenshot:

    There is a space needed between the name and the email addresses on the directory screen – as you have done with the mobile numbers.
    I would also like to see any names which do not have mobile numbers registered to be suppressed, and the same with email addresses. It just clutters up the screen really. Same applies to PDF display.

    Long email addresses were overflowing into the right hand third when maps were switched on.
    I fixed that by adding a tag to reduce all the text size in the listing as follows:

    [church_admin type=address-list member_type_id=2 map=1]

    Our centre pane is only 600 pixels wide.

    There is one other problem which I will document separately as it is a data rather than a formatting issue.

    Many thanks for your help so far. :D

    Kind Regards



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    I’ve fixed multiple surnames in a household.
    We would tend to make students separate households, who happen to live in the same house!
    “Household” = family unit to allow for one person families.

    I’ve added space between name and email/mobile

    Sizing issue – the address list fits 90% of it’s given width. I’ve deliberately not specified font sizes so they are inherited from the parent container. Your small tag would sort that out.

    Avatar for John_DuffyJohn_Duffy

    Hi Andy,
    I thought I’d penned a reply to this but can’t see it now :(
    Anyway, this plugin looks usable for us now and no doubt we will be in touch again as we get used to it.
    Meanwhile there is a £25 donation on its way to you.
    Kind Regards

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    That’s kind thank you


    Hi Andy, thanks for all your work on this. I’m on v0.5934.

    There are still a few issues:
    – on web page, no space between [firstname] and [email]
    – on web page & PDF, in single-person households, the [firstname] is not suppressed before the [mobile]
    – on PDF, in multi-person households, [firstname] is not given before [/email][email]
    – on v-card, the order of people is sometimes reversed (John & Sarah online becomes Sarah & John in the vcard)
    – on v-card, there is an extra space before the surname in the FN field
    – on v-card, there is no indication for multiple email addresses or mobile numbers as to what belongs to whom (could this be added to the note field?)
    – the search box still returns results outside of the shortcode-specified member_type_id

    Many thanks again for all you’re doing to improve this area of the product.

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    I am getting the space between name and phone but not between name and email.

    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle


    Has fixed spacing between name and email
    No names on single email, single mobile households
    PDF redesigned slightly to improve large families, names before email
    Search box only works for member_type_ids specified in shortcode

    Vcards – the standard is a pain! And not supported equally by email programmes etc.
    I think I need a separate vcard for each mobile/email for it to work correctly and so need to experiment whether multiple vcards in one vcard file will work (it should, but doesnt seem to universally!)


    Thanks so much Andy. You’re so quick to respond to user issues!

    I’m afraid I’m coming back to you with a couple more issues:
    – webpage & PDF: in multi-person, single-mobile-number households (ie only one person has a mobile number), the name should been still be shown
    – webpage: the telephone hyperlinks are great and could be done for landline numbers too
    – PDF: in the heading there needs to be a space between [churchname]Address list [date]
    – PDF: households with a single-mobile-number are hyperlinked, but others aren’t (ie landlines, and multi-mobile households)

    Hope all this detailed feedback is helpful. I’m getting excited about getting our church using this software, although not much looking forward to entering it all as we’ve not got it in a helpful format currently!

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