Unable to upload a family picture with version 3.4.117

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    Version: 3.4.117
    browser: chrome, safari

    We took 200 new pictures of the families. But in the new version of the plugin, There is not a button to upload a new family photo. The instructions say to “drag and drop”, but that feature does not work.

    We have a new preacher starting in February, and we need to upload all the new photos and print the directory so he has up-to-date information on the members to attempt to learn everyones name.

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    Thanks for reporting that one. Fixed for 3.4.118 which I have just uploaded.
    Every blessing with the new preacher!

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    This is a problem again in version 3.6.64. Safari, FireFox, Chrome.
    Unable to drag-n-drop for household or for the individual member.

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    It is still a problem in Version 3.6.70. We really need to update the family pictures and we cant. Also, can you please add the button back so we are not dependent on the drag-n-drop feature that seems to break from time-to-time.


    I’m seeing that same issue as well. I found a workaround….

    1) Go to the household that you want to upload a new photo
    2) Click “View and Edit other attributes” (you don’t have to change anything, but save at the bottom)
    3) Drag the new household photo in place

    This has been working for me. Hope this helps.

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    Walterhill – there are 12 console errors on your website frontend. If they are on the admin error too – they (definitly the last 2) would block any javascript working properly, hence the drag and drop failing.

    If you right click and inspect on a view household admin page – any red will be a problem.

    And there was a script missing too – fixed for 3.6.84

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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