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    I’m still not clear at what point the plugin syncs with MailChimp. If I remember right, when a new subscriber is added it automatically syncs with MailChimp, but does it work vice versa? If someone clicks “unsubscribe from this list” on the bottom of an email, thereby removing himself from MailChimp, will he also be removed from the plugin’s database, or least his setting changed so he no longer gets email?

    I worry that someone will remove himself but when the plugin syncs he will be added back.

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    So MailChimp only syncs when you click the button on the Comms Tab. This is what happens…
    i) Tags are updated with your ministries and smallgroups upto 100 items
    ii) Current MailChimp subscribers have their tags updated with what is on Church Admin
    iii) New church admin directory entries are added to MailChimp
    iv) Subscribers on MailChimp that aren’t in Church Admin are added to Church Admin. (This can a bit annoying if you delete from Church Admin as they will get added back in if not unsub’d from MailChimp.

    Sync’ing doesn’t unsubscribe on MailChimp people as once unsubscribed only the email addressee can re-subscribe.

    I figured that when people leave a church, I delete them from the plugin and when they get fed up with getting general emails they will unsubscribe! You can log into MailChimp and delete people, but it is permanent.

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    Good info, thanks. Now I just made another discovery. A member wrote and asked me to change her email, so I did. Then I synced, but she said she still wasn’t getting prayer requests. So I went to MailChimp and saw they had not updated her email address even though I had synced. So I had to change it directly in MailChimp.

    That was fine in this case, since I was in the know, but what about when members change their addresses on their own? (As I was hoping they would.) I guess I just need to check “Recent People Activity” regularly?

    Thanks for any insight.

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    Hi Andy, just wondering if you had dealt with this in an update since November, as I can anticipate this being an ongoing issue with users changing their emails in church admin, and not having them updated on mailchimp.

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    Yep! Working on it

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