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SMS Queing Not Sending

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    My Twillo account says it is good, about tw32o weeks ago began only queing and not sending
    Thank God Bless Greg ggaines1@insight.rr.com

    Send SMS
    Sending to #####

    ##### with message ID SM1b09c266c8311511c066860e57ae3f29 has status queued

    Sending to #####

    ##### with message ID SM0547b79c3667181d5ebbf50c3a42da80 has status queued

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    Hi Greg,
    I edited your post for privacy!

    To find out what is going wrong, you will need to goto Twilio. Those messages say the SMS has been queued with them.

    Login to twilio.com and click on “Monitor” on the left hand side.

    Then Click on “Logs” and then “Errors” and then Messaging

    Hopefully that will shed some light on what is wrong. You may need to search by the message ID from yoru post above.
    You may need to click on “Error Logs”

    Do let me know what they say!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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