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    I’ve just been having a play with adding a recorded Sermon on to the app. I uploaded a m4A file (227kb) , and it all saved successfully on the computer. Then when I opened the app and went to media, I could see the sermon there. After playing the file I got an error saying ‘Streaming failed. Possibly due to a network error. Retry?’ The whole sermon played successfully and the error only appeared at the end. If I click ok on the error message it appears again. Then once I click ok again it disappears and I can press the play button to hear the sermon again. Once again as soon as it finishes the same error pops up.

    Also I think the term “media” is misleading on the user end experience of the app (as well as the WP side). If it was called Sermons or Podcasts I think it is more user-friendly (especially given in the permissions it is still called Sermons).

    One other thing, when I try and set permissions for a user, so that the only permission they have is to manage the Sermons, it isn’t giving me the result I expect. If my user is individually set up to access Sermons, when they login they cannot see the Church Admin links in WP to access sermons. Nor is there a handy button (under the New menu) to add a Sermon/Podcast. If I change the general permission, so all users with a certain role can have access, then all my users have access to all the features of Church Admin. I cannot seem, in the various ways I’ve tried, to allow only certain tabs to be shown for certain user roles.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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