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    Hi Andy! I would like to send e-mails to everyone attending our New Members’ Class. Is there a way to send such an e-mail without having to type in the name of each person in the class? I have already added the names of each person in the class when I created the class under the “Classes” tab. It appears there is a function to send e-mails to an entire small group, but I cannot find the same function for classes. Also, it may be worth noting that we do not use mail chimp so we send e-mails directly from Churchadmin using our church e-mail address (just in case that makes any difference).

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    Sorry for the delay in replying Rick.

    Goto Church Admin>Settings>Choose Filters and make sure Classes is checked and then hit save.
    Then you can use Church Admin>Communications>Send Email and choose the class to send an email to the students. But note that those filters still obey communications preferences.


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    Thank you, Andy!

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