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    Have set up my first schedule, but the PDF says ‘Too much data’. Would like the option to show just first names (along with full names, initials).

    Would also be good if the PDF could paginate the text (think that’s the right word), so it rolls over on to new lines rather than keeping everything on a single line.

    Thanks :)

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    I’d like to see the Schedule be able to be split into either different ministry areas, or just separate schedules where you can pick what tasks go on which schedule. I have a lot of ministries that operate on a Sunday and to put all the tasks into one Schedule makes it look very busy, and hard for people to check “their roster”.

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    When you add/edit rota/schedule jobs you check which services they apply to! So your issue is sorted
    Forgot that that the Aussie for “rota” is “roster” – why the Americans instead on a “schedule” which is a list of timing and orders for parts of a job I don’t know!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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