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Rota page display issue

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    Hello there, I’m currently testing this plugin for a potential church website.

    Things generally seem to be OK. I’ve only been messing around with it for a few hours and have noted the following:

    1. There doesn’t seem to be a button to simply add a person without adding a household first
    2. The rota will display the service options on the public pages, but once a service is selected, I get a 404 error (i.e no rota actually displays, only service options)
    3. Could there be an export option for Excel or anything like that?
    4. Some shortcodes don’t show anything (and they have been entered correctly)



    also, the rota display is weird on certain themes/templates. Would you be able to add a feature to edit current rotas and make sure that the next available date is displayed on the rota page (when using the shortcode?)

    The plugin is potentially AMAZING but there are a few things that are niggling me.

    Also, on attendance, I accidentally put in a wrong date (1212) and so the attendance sheet is all messed up! Is there a way you could make this more intelligent so you can’t select a date too far in the past and so that you don’t have a massive graph which you can’t navigate around?

    Navigation could be a little better too :) (and maybe an export feature for Outlook etc?)

    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle

    Cheers for the suggestions – will work on them over the next few weeks. We are currently moving broadband suppliers and so offline for a massive two weeks – GRRRR Sky! (will be saving £40 a month though, by not having a TV package we don’t use much)

    The only problem with adding a person before a household, is that it is a household that ties a “family unit” together – so a niggle when you are adding singles. Will give it some thought.

    Some of the shortcodes from previous versions may be redundant – I removed the graphs which were incredible slow to compute – will readd when I find a faster way!

    Will add the ability to edit attendances – have made the same mistake as you and had to login to phpmyadmin!

    Latest version (not yet uploaded) fixes the rota service display issue

    Export to outlook is roughly handled by vcards for each directory entry. Think I’ve discovered that a vcard file can contain more than one vcard – will have a play with that. Trouble is the standard for vcards is badly applied by different vendors

    Calendar export – wrote the calendar years ago I want to eventually make it more compatible with google format and ical, but that is a lot of work!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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