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Rota – Choosing Ministries for Schedule Jobs

About Support Rota Rota – Choosing Ministries for Schedule Jobs

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    Hello, Just want to make sure I understand how the system functions. I have created the following ministries:

    Early Childhood
    Room 1
    Room 2
    Room 3

    Room Leader
    Room Assistant

    When creating schedule jobs, I would create a job for Room 1 Room Leader as well as Room 1 Room Assistant, etc. Choosing the correct ministries for each. The hope is that when creating schedule dates, the possible volunteers would be filtered for me and I could simply click their names from the auto-populated section of each job.

    I assumed that the auto-populate would look for members who met ALL the criteria… however, it seems to find members who meet ANY of the criteria.

    So Room Leaders for Room 3 still appear in the auto-populated section of Room 1.

    Is that correct?

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    Oh, and I tried nesting the ministries with parent ministries but it still seems to filter by ANY match. Thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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