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Registrations and sending mail in Church Admin Plugin does not work

About Support Support Registrations and sending mail in Church Admin Plugin does not work

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    Hello Andy, please help me solve this problem, I have Church Admin Plugin – Premium version v.4.1.32 and it is not working correctly, when a new person registers using a short code on the website, this registration is not saved, also The welcome email is not sent. When I manually register a person directly within the Church Admin plugin, this registration is saved but the welcome email is not sent either. Mailersend is correctly configured, I send the Mailersend test message and all the test messages arrive. Please I need the registrations through the website to work and the emails to be sent so that a new person can complete the registration steps.

    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle

    Happy to help!

    Firstly the Mailersend not working properly.
    When you send the test email, is the email domain the same as your registered domain with mailersend?
    Have you tested trying to send to a completely different domain like gmail.com?
    New accounts are only allowed to send to the same domain until completely authorised. That’s the last hoop so make sure you have fully gone through the tutorial at https://www.churchadminplugin.com/tutorials/how-to-setup-mailersend/

    Registration not working
    Could you send me what your shortcode is please?
    Also helpful would be to enable debug logging
    Church Admin>Settings>Debug Log
    First delete it if necessary, then toggle it on.
    Then try to register using the short code.
    Then go back to Church Admin>Settings> Send Debug File to Support

    Then I can diagnose what is wrong in your case. Or give me a temporary admin login please!

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    Hi Andy, thanks for your response.

    Mailersend is fully authorized, I sent the Mailersend test message using emails with different domains and all the test messages arrived.

    The shortcode I’m using is this: [church_admin type="register" allow_registrations="1" member_type_id="1" exclude="custom_fields,prefix" onboarding="0" full_privacy_show="0" admin_email="0"]

    Please tell me your email so I can send you the temporary administrator login details.

    I remain attentive, greetings and blessings.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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