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    Hi there,
    I’m trying to figure out how to override the default US language files to update just a couple of terms.
    I’m based here in the US, and while we are unfamiliar with “Rota” we actually do know the word “Roster” as a list of people and positions (from our sports teams), while “Schedule” is a chronological list of events.

    So, I’m trying to replace the default US term “Schedule” (which makes things oddly confusing) with a custom US language file using “Roster”. Is there an easy way to do that?

    I’ve tried downloading the wp-plugins-church-admin-stable-en-gb.po file from https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/church-admin/stable, and then editing it with PO-Edit. I drop the new wp-plugins-church-admin-stable-en-us.po files into plugins/church-admin/languages but I don’t see any change.


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    Bangs head against wall!!!!
    So many Americans have told me a rota is a schedule – a schedule in the UK is also a chronological list of events. We know roster but don’t use it! The Australian version uses Roster

    The file you want to edit is church-admin-en_US.po in the church-admin/languages folder but you will need to do it every time an update happens as it gets overwritten

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    Have started a poll to see if it should be changed to roster!

    Please vote – https://goo.gl/forms/BewfJI2K425AINgS2

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    Damn Yankees! I had seen various messages of yours indicating that the American translation of “rota” would be “schedule”, but once I started using it I got a little confused and realized we may not be using the right word. The tip off was a message I saw that said the Aussies and Kiwis used “roster”. That was a word I recognized and seemed to fit in context.

    Just to be clear, I’m only 1 of 380 million over here, and only relaying my own understanding. To be fair, here is what I found when I googled “what is the meaning of the english word rota”:
    synonyms: roster, list, schedule, register, timetable, calendar

    To my mind, I would expect a “Calendar” to be a list of Events with Dates and Times.
    ex: Sunday Worship, 24-March, 09:00am

    Then I would expect a “Schedule” to be a chronological breakdown of a Calendar Event:
    Time Event
    08:00 Unlock doors
    08:45 Turn on and cue up A/V system
    08:50 Choir enter and take positions
    08:55 Light candles
    09:00 Pastor enters, begin service

    …and a “Roster” would be the tasks and people needed to accomplish the above Event Schedule:
    Event: Sunday Worship
    Task Name
    A/V – Bob
    Accompanist – Sally
    Choir Director – Kevin
    Liturgist – Barb
    Greeters – Sue, Mike
    Ushers – Don, Martha
    Clergy – Jenny

    For Americans, this would be like a sports team roster:
    2018 Women’s Volleyball Roster:
    Outside Hitter – Becca Latham
    Setter – Andrea Eddy
    Defense – Lauren McManus

    As I do more searches for examples of “rota” in use, I realize that Americans don’t have a good equivalent and may be mixing Schedule and Roster as a replacement. It seems that Rota is a combination of 3 things, Date, People, and Task. Whereas a Roster is just 2 (Task and People), and Schedule is just 2 (Date and People, or Date and Task).

    Here is an example from Collins Dictionary (https://www.collinsdictionary.com/us/dictionary/english/rota):
    “We have a rota which makes it clear who [People] tidies the room [Task] on which day [Date].”

    In regards to Church Admin, the Rota for a Sunday worship service may look like:
    [Date] 24 March
    [Task] A/V – [People] Bob
    [Task] Usher – [People] Don, Martha
    [Date] 31 March
    [Task] A/V – [People] Steve
    [Task] Usher – [People] Debbie, Julie

    Each Task would then have a Schedule/Roster:
    [Task] Usher
    [Date] 24 March – [People] Don, Martha
    [Date] 31 March – [People] Debbie, Julie

    In Program Management terms it seems that maybe a Rota is a Project that has Dates, Tasks, and Resources (People).

    I’m not sure I helped clear things up for a solution, or confused them more. Considering we both speak, um, English, I never expected this to be such a grammar and translation issue! I’ll keep thinking on this and see if I can make some helpful suggestions.

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    Well thought out. Someone else just suggested I make it choosable on setup, but that is too difficult because the word appears in phrases like “view schedule jobs” that are translation strings!

    Hopefully the poll will bring clarity – although as a Brit, bit nervous of polls and referendums at the moment ;-)

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    As a “well-educated” yank I am familiar with rota. I believe it is really only a matter of preference and common usage. Roster is not a perfect fit either by actual definition or by common usage. I vote for Rota across the board. Us Americans can just look it up and add a new word to our vocabulary.

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