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    I’ve just started setting up the various service we have under the services tab in order to start tracking attendance.

    However it seems that there is a limit of 8 different services that can be entered. When I add a ninth one of the other services drops off the list. Over the year we have many more than 8 different types of service with things like, Christingle, Crib services, midnight communion and carol services at Christmas and Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Toddler services at Easter plus the pattern of regular service which varies through each month.

    On the attendance tracking as a CofE church we have to report communicants at both Easter and Christmas services, is it possible to add this to the boxes fro adults and children?

    Also it seems that the services entered under the Services tab aren’t in any way linked to the Calendar? Is this right?

    Many thanks for your help,


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