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    Just installed the latest version. looks good.

    There’s one thing i’ld like to ask for now.
    Over here in the Netherlands we have many people with names like : John van den Boot or something like that. Forst name then is ‘John’, last name is ‘Boot’ and in between there’s ‘van den’ .
    Now this ‘van den’ is a sort of preposition. it’s not a middlename since this John can have another firstname, like John William van den Boot or so.

    In our language, when you name somen politly (For example in a letter) you say: Mr. van den Boot. So in that case it is part of the name. However when sorting on last names, we never use these prepositions, so in an addresslist or so, the name to be sorted on is ‘Boot’ in this case.
    Would it be possible to alter this plugin so that these prepositions are in a seperate field, which can be used in a polite mailing together with the last names?

    Also a field containg initials would be nice.

    In common, Prepositions and lastnames are usually used together, only not when used in sorting orders. So in an addresslist i’ld like to see a list contain 4 naming columns, namely lastname, Prepositions, initials, firstname.

    Thansk for the hard work, this plugin is getting to be so good.

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    Hi, I’m replying to this post.
    because this functionality is there partly :).
    All above describes works like a charm… when you import the address list.
    now we wanted to alter one of the entries from the backoffice and then this field is not on the form.
    not the biggest deal, but would be nice to have.
    what is a big deal, is that when I modify one of the other fields then this prepositions is emptied again.
    so Mr van der Boot is then called Mr Boot and can’t modify it anymore without re-importing it all.

    Hope you can fix this in the next release.

    Br Martijn

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    Prefixes are defaulted not to show in the edit people forms, because very few countries need them.
    So if you go to Church Admin>Settings>General Settings you can check the checkbox for show prefixes and it will be there for you.
    Enjoy the plugin!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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