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    I want to transfer all my old sermons from Powerpress to CA media but I don’t want to be downloading and uploading again through the browser. Is it OK for me to move my existing mp3 files to the uploads/sermons folder via my hosts file manager and then add the url path as an external media file in the Church Admin media section?

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    Hi Sean, If you move them to the uploads/sermons folder than Church Admin>Media>Add Already Uploaded File will list them all and you can add them manually in.

    If there are hundreds, we could come up with a migration script that can grab the data from Powerpress, but I have never used it, so would need a full database back to work it out. I imagine it uses a custom post type so should be relatively easy to do. I’d need the posts and post_meta tables as well as the church admin ones to work it out though!!! Probably easiest to export the whole database using PHPMyAdmin ;-)

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    Thanks, there’s not hundreds, so the first option looks good. Thanks Laugh

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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