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    I added MailChimp so that our prayer requests would go through email more reliably, but I’m not sure how to finish setting it up. It seemed to sync okay and showed everyone’s name, but not clear on what’s next.

    Instructions say:
    After you have sync’d MailChimp afresh (so that it has tags set for all your people according to their gender, ministry involvement, site etc), you can send email via MailChimp from the communications tab of Church Admin. Just Click on “Send MailChimp email” under the Communications tab – it will only show after your first v2.2510 sync.

    I never saw “Send MailChimp email”, even though I did update to 2.2510. And even if I figure out how to send an email, how does that affect sending prayer requests? Thanks.

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    Hi Jon,
    Go to the Comms tab again.
    If there is no link “Send MailChimp email” towards the top, then sync again – it sounds like first time round, it needs to happen twice, to fully sync.
    Once that link appears, then that means MailChimp is good to go.

    Anytime a prayers request is done by an admin or approved by an admin when someone does it from the webpage or app, the email goes out automatically either by native wordpress functionality or now by MailChimp too.
    Hope that helps.

    I’ll improve documentation!!!!

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    I did get the link this time, thanks. Two questions:

    1. How will I know which way the email is going out? Until last night, all the emails went out fine, but last night none would go out, and none are going out now (at least from me), even though I tried a test after seeing that link.

    2. I changed permissions so that prayer requests can go out from a subscriber, so our folks don’t have to wait for moderation. Does that matter, or is an admin required for it to go by MailChimp?

    Thanks again!

    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle

    That’s strange, it is definitely working here okay.
    If you log into MailChimp and find a subscriber under the list, does the Tag section include “Prayer Requests send”?

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    Okay, I think I get it now. I can go to “Send MailChimp Email” and under recipient tags click “prayer requests send”. Is that right?

    Does it still go to the app that way or only to email?

    Also, I take it there is no way to send it by MailChimp FROM the app? Or, for that matter, for subscribers as opposed to admin to send it out?

    I can see MailChimp will still be very useful, just not quite what I was hoping for. Also I’m not sure why the prayer requests were going to email 100% of the time and suddenly stopped!

    Thanks, as always, for answering so quickly. An ice storm knocked out our power for two days so I was slow to get back to it.

    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle

    I don’t think you’ve understood me right – my apologies.

    The prayer request feature on the website and app should work as normal, just be sent by MailChimp instead of native WordPress email.

    That will only happen if a sync has worked and the tags have been set at the MailChimp end. It is working for us! So I wanted you to go to to check there was the Prayer Requests send tag for people, to check to see that the sync was working. Did you have a look?

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    Sorry—yes, did have a Prayer Requests tag, yet our prayer requests weren’t going to email, so that’s when I jumped to conclusions.

    Now I’ve gone back to MailChimp again, and I’m finding the unsent messages under the Campaigns menu—marked as draft. I can’t see how to have those sent. Perhaps they aren’t sending because I gave permission for all subscribers to send prayer requests, BUT I made our pastor an admin, and his didn’t go either.

    I’m delighted to hear the system is supposed to work as I had hoped! So if you can help me over this last hurdle we should be good.


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    Programmatically there is a 2 step process to sending a MailChimp message
    Sounds like the 3rd step is not working to well yet on your install – there’s an error log that can be saved on the Church Admin Settings page – could you download it and send it please, so I can see what is going wrong.

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    I found a debug log, which I hope you meant. Just emailed to you. Thanks!

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