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    Hi, I have installed church admin and have been updating the records I previously imported when I have realised that the database I imported is incomplete. If I go back and import as CSV will it overwrite changes I have made? I can see you have the option to overwrite but does that delete the old entries or just add to them. Also if I have completed fields within the app that aren’t on my CSV, if I choose to overwrite will it blank out those fields in the app? Thanks

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    Hi Lis, welcome aboard!

    If you “overwrite”, then all the people and households are deleted before the CSV is processed. That will be an issue if you have set up small groups, rotas (schedule if you are from the US!) etc – because they store the id of the person rather than the name, which may change.
    If you don’t overwrite, the import will check each person and import them if not in the directory already – thereby not breaking rotas and small group leadership and so on.

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    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the above, however I have just imported the new CSV file and have two issues. Firstly it has duplicated entries, so now I have several entries for the same person & household and secondly it hasn’t imported the addresses to the new files and has overwritten the addresses already input with the first address on the new CSV file. I am hoping that doing a rollback will take me back to my previous information but would like advice on what may have gone wrong?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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