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    Thnx for all the hard work on it.

    I have this list of users now. I can add a new household, but how can i get a list of existing households to edit one ? Or to create a new one and add existing churchadmin members to it?

    Cheers, Eric

    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle

    Hi Eric

    On the main church admin menu screen there is a box for people functions that looks like this

    The drop down box allows you to see a complete list of people in a particular member type like “Member” or “Visitor” – then you can edit households or individuals in a household etc.

    Hope that helps

    Avatar for ehoutehout

    Thnx, I see what you mean. a bit hidden ;-)

    In the move to household screen still a bug exists I think.
    See screenshot. Listbox with households lists every member I guess.

    It’s a bit different then what I expected. How does it work. Is a household a seperate entity or just a characteristic of it’s members?

    I would like to suggest the following. Make households also editable from the homescreen in it’s own list. Then in there make a function to add people to it, or to delete it. Then you can skip the “move” function. Since a move would just require delting from the one and adding in another. Also a suggestion would be to inherit address data tot the members. So for every member that does not have a seperate address, the address of the household is shown in the directory.

    Is this necessary? Well, most of the times seperate addresses will not be used, but sometimes… Image a son in militairy service or just a teenager living during weekdays in the university. Or a young adult, officially still living at home who for a couple of months is doing mission work far away.

    They will want to be part of that household, but do have their seperate addresses. So for a snailmail list also a checkbox would be convenient which postal address should be used.

    I know, I’m asking a lot. I really would like to use this plugin. TOld my church elders about it and they encouraged me to continue going this direction :-)


    Avatar for Andy MoyleAndy Moyle

    Looks like I need to adjust that dropdown menu a bit more!

    Most of what you ask for is already in the plugin! It’s a matter of semantics!

    The move function saves you remembering all a person’s data like email and mobile – useful when someone gets married or an adult son/daughter moves out

    I’ve define a “household” as a family living under the same roof! We have 2 young men not related sharing a house and I’ve made them two households as they aren’t related – makes it easier for people to see and search.
    I personally would move a son to a new household when he moves out and move him back if he comes home!

    On the address list screen, each first name is a link to edit that person and the address field edits the household’s address and landline number.

    I really must write a manual – and get someone to translate the plugin into Dutch too!!!

    Avatar for ehoutehout

    lol….. They call that a hint with a sledgehammer in my country ;-)

    Will try to do some translation, but cannot pick a deadline. My schedules are simply too unreliable due to a complex private situation.

    Would love to see that manual.

    About that son…. I remember studying myself. Always came “home” in the weekends. During weekdays I lived in a very small room close to school. Church mail was sent to my parents address, but I did love to get that birthday cards on my birthday when it was on a weekday.

    But I understand it might not be worth the hassle to create this. Maybe I could use a remarkfield for this.


    Avatar for ehoutehout

    Hmmm… still it is a bit confusing.
    You see… I defined a household for myself. Added my wife and my oldest child to it.

    The first picture shows so.

    (BTW, when I delete a member from the address list, the application reports “household deleted”?)

    However, when I check my or my wifes name on the list no address seems available (see 2nd picture). Am I looking wrongfully?


    (will delete the first pic after you reply, so pls save locally)

    EDIT: first image deleted!

    Avatar for sbbehrmansbbehrman

    I’m not seeing how to change the address of a user. When I click on the address from the mailing list, it brings up a Household Details, but there is no place for editing the address, only a “Move” link, which, when I click, takes me to a page with a dropdown that doesn’t include the household address I thought was added from the Add Household function.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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