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    Ive tried creating a group and a couple ways, from the Groups tab, from the users tab. I have added the user we would like as a leader to the Small Group leader ministry first.

    no matter what i do I can not seem to get a leader into a group.

    Please Advise.

    Also is this still under development? And or do you take direct donations for custom development?

    Thanks We see the potential

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    That’s strange! Are you a new user or upgraded to the latest version 0.952?
    If you could email me a db backup I’ll see what is wrong – you can email it to clients at themoyle dot co dot uk

    Yes the plugin is very much under development!
    It started out serving my church plant, but as some big churches have started using it I’ve been widening the feature set

    And yes I do take donations for direct development – it sucks up a lot of time coding and debugging!



    I did just the Wp_church_admin Tables

    Its on the way from Hostmaster AT Edenhg dot com

    Also this is a completely fresh install of both wordpress (on Debian machine) and Church admin.

    if you want i can give you a log in for the site, but Ill be out of touch till Friday

    Thanks for the quick reply


    can you tell me that email again please

    . No DNS information was found for the ‘’ domain


    figured it out, missing an s, Db is on the way, thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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