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    A facility maintenance function that
    – tracks needs/requests submitted by users.
    – allows tasks to be assigned to a worker
    – allows tasks to be assigned a priority
    – allows tasks to be scheduled (recurring/periodic also)
    – allows notification of workers and submitters at key work flow points.
    – has the ability to view the request DB by facility id, by submitter id, by worker id, by priority, by due date, etc.

    I have implemented the above functionality using WPForms and TablePress. It’s crude but functions so we no longer “require” this but I do believe it would be a valuable addition to Church Admin.

    You can check it out (when logged in) at
    and https://calvarychapelrosarito.info/index.php/en/facilities-map/maintenance-request/

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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