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    Small thing (and easy fix), but might help new users…
    On the automation page for the follow-up email for new registrations, the following text appears:

    Admin approval of new account
    It is best practice for anyone in your congregation who has an email to have a username/password combination so they can view restricted content and edit their entry (if you use the register/login block and shortcode. Here you can choose whether that is automated or not. If unchecked, admins will need to edit the person and click “Create User” to give the individual an account.

    After this, there is the question:
    Do you want admin approval before account creation?

    So the questions asks users to check the box to force admin approval, but the preamble suggests admins will need to approve if the box is UNchecked … Just removing the “un” from the word “unchecked” would fix this.

    Hope this is helpful,

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