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    I was reading the updated manual (and thank you for taking the time to do that) and was reminded that I need to have a Word Press account for each person in the database to keep their information secure. We have been diligent to create accounts for our regular attenders and members, but we have not always done so for our visitors; especially people who only visit one time. They give us their information (sometimes only their names) on the “Welcome Register” that is passed down the pew each Sunday morning, so we want to enter them as visiting with us, but we do not have an e-mail address to set up a Word Press account. How do we secure their information?

    A related subject, do children have to have Word Press accounts if their parents have an account? If so, how do you create an account for them if they do not have an e-mail account?

    I am sure that I am making all of this way more difficult than it is. I am having trouble getting my head around this aspect of the plugin, but I definitely want to make certain that our people’s information is protected. Smile

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    The manual is probably not written that well at that point.

    Putting the church address list on a public facing page that is open is not a great idea and illegal in the EU and other places. That’s basic honouring privacy.
    In the early days, people password protected the page the address list was on – one password for the whole church to use. But people couldn’t edit their own entry.

    The address list shortcode now defaults to only logged in users can view it. That means that people without an account can’t view it. IMHO if someone doesn’t have an email address, they most likely aren’t internet savvy enough to view a webpage anyway! As you say visitors don’t often give their email address – as they connect, they usually do.
    The way we sort it is only have the address list set to regular attender and member member types. So visitors wouldn’t be shown anyway. As they connect we’ll change that and provide an account. You only “need” one account per household as they can edit their whole household anyway.

    If you want to password protect the page the address list is on instead of making it login only, you can set login=FALSE in the shortcode and then password protect the post using the WordPress page editor tools.

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    Thank you, Andy! I believe that my question was not as clear as I intended. Under each person’s profile at the bottom of the page is a place to “Choose a Worpress account to associate” “or create a new WordPress User”. For members and regular attenders we have this filled in and a WordPress account associated with each person. We do have a “Members’ Only” section of our web site, but we only have members and regular attenders listed on it (with associated Word Press accounts) so they are password protected (as you described)

    However, on visitor profiles, we do not have a WordPress account associate with it. So at the bottom of the page on each visitor profile there is nothing listed under “Choose a Worpress account to associate” “or create a new WordPress User”. Why this concerns me, is because my understanding is that if we do not have have a username filled in at this place in a person’s profile then their information is exposed to Google searches and such; leaving their personal information exposed. Is this correct? Do we have to have a WordPress account associated with each of our visitor profiles? If so, could we create one WordPress account (maybe “KOTP Visitors) and associate each visitor to that account?

    Thank for your patience with my numerous questions. Smile

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    No they won’t be exposed at all. The login is purely so they can access the address list and edit themselves
    I set the address list shortcode member_type_id to only include members and regular attenders anyway.
    If you don’t associate/create an account for an entry only people with Directory permission can edit them

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