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    What is the correct way to use the MailChimp integration?

    What happens when I use the Sync feature on my dashboard? I had an existing MailChimp account and audience prior to setting up the ChurchAdmin plugin. After installing the plugin and adding all of my households I ran the MailChimp sync action.

    It seems to have performed a 2-way sync. My households and people lists were completely messed up and my MailChimp account now has tags that exist in the CRM. I have households for individual people as well as the households that I created for each family.

    Example: I have the Smith household with Mr. and Mrs. Smith. After running the sync, I have a household for Mrs. Smith and another for Mr. Smith in addition to the third household for the two of them.

    Is it recommended that we clear out our MailChimp audience and then make sure to set up our CRM with all the member types we need, and lastly, sync?

    In other words, how can I avoid creating a messy database. 🙂

    I manually cleaned up the data on the ChurchAdmin side, but, is it advisable to start with a clean slate on the MailChimp side?

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    It’s not perfect!
    Here’s the steps a sync does… once you have aligned lists etc

    1) Grab current MailChimp Tags
    2) Compare with Church Admin and add any missing ones upto 100 in total
    3) Go through MailChimp Contacts
    3.1 If a previous sync has happened compare mailchimp id with record. If found, Update GDPR if needed
    3.2 Compare email address, first name, last name – if no exact match, create new Church Admin record
    4) Go through Church Admin contacts and add new ones to MailChimp.

    After the first sync, editing a person syncs that person, especially if email address has changed.
    3.2 was your issue, looking for an exact match of email, first name and last name

    Don’t unsub people on MC as you can’t resub them via the API!
    That first sync can be messy, but subsequently you don’t really need to do it as editing and deleting people syncs just that person well – that is all about the email address!

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    That clears it up, thank you! I’ll see if I can’t get things cleaned up and try again.

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