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    I have attempted to make the Church Admin plugin as intuitive as possible, but the email setting is slightly complicated!

    Most shared hosts (like, limit the ammount of emails a website can send. This protects them and you from being used by spammers who piggyback their spam on badly written contact forms.

    Typically you are allowed to send 100 email an hour
    So the plugin offers the option to queue emails or send immediately. If you have less than 100 emails in your directory then don’t check “Do you want to queue email?” Just fill in the email server settings and submit.

    If you do want to queue emails, they will get sent out in batches every hour by your web server.

    This is where it gets complicated!

    If your host uses Windows then you need to use wp-cron which is WordPress’ built in way of doing a task every hour. This is triggered every time someone looks at your webpage. In the background, WordPress looks to see if a task is due or should have been done and does it.

    If your host is on a Unix/Linux server then you have the more efficient method of “Cron”, where the webserver does the task on the hour whether there are users looking at your website or not. When you select this option, a pdf instruction page will be generated to show you how to set a Cron job in Cpanel.

    Mail Server Settings
    All users need to put in their mailserver settings
    “Mail host” is the smtp server which is for UK2
    “Mail username” is usually your email address
    “Mail password” is your email password
    “Mail port” is usually 110

    I normally set this up and then send a test email – by only having me in the address directory!

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    Sorry to trouble you with a fairly basic question- but how in fact do you send an email- either to yourself or in bulk? Can you select members fro the directory or by the SGL?


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    In the current version 0.32.3, emails get sent to everyone or just parents. The upcoming next version will allow sending emails to different roles – like elders, small group leaders, kids workers and so on. It will be released mid March!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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